Wesleyan Church

The Wesleyan Church is a Spirit-led, praying movement called to evangelize and make disciples of all people by equipping believers, developing leaders, multiplying churches, and transforming communities.

Articles of Religion

  1. Faith in the Holy Trinity
  2. The Father
  3. The Son of God
  4. The Holy Spirit
  5. The Sufficiency and Full Authority of the Holy Scriptures for Salvation
  6. God’s Purpose for Humanity
  7. Marriage and the Family
  8. Personal Choice
  9. Sin: Original, Willful, and Involuntary
  10. The Atonement
  11. Repentance and Faith
  12. Justification, Regeneration and Adoption
  13. Good Works
  14. Sin After Regeneration
  15. Sanctification: Initial, Progressive, Entire
  16. The Gifts of the Spirit
  17. The Church
  18. The Sacraments: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
  19. The Second Coming of Christ
  20.  The Resurrection of the Dead
  21. The Judgment of All Persons
  22. Destiny